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June 10, 2021

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Arc,

We are excited to announce a new initiative that we are undertaking at The Arc.  We have seen and recognize the need for more employment opportunities and supports for individuals with disabilities here in Allegan County.  In response to those needs, The Arc is launching Beyond Bones.  A dog treat business that will be producing and selling wholesome dog treats to our community and beyond. 

What makes Beyond Bones so significant is our emphasis on employing individuals with disabilities.  Our work will be starting this summer with plans to scale up as resources become available.  We have big dreams to create a business that will offer employment opportunities to those with disabilities starting with dog treats and expanding in ways we can only imagine; possibly a retail pet store, doggie day care and more.    The sky is the limit and to help us achieve our goals and provide opportunities for those with disabilities who want to be working in Allegan County we will need your help!  Help by spreading the word, help by purchasing Beyond Bones dog treats for your furry friend when they become available, help by donating needed items (see our wish list on Amazon HERE), help by making a monetary donation to help get our business off the ground. 

We are thrilled to be traveling down this new exciting path and want to invite you to share in the excitement.  If you would like to learn more or support our endeavor please reach out to us!  We would love to share our vision!

Achieve with us!


Stacy Engelsman

Executive Director


The Beyond Bones Planning Committee:

Stacy Engelsman, The Arc Executive Director

Linda Ivers, The Arc Operations and Office Assistant

Robin Lavendar, The Arc Board Member

Marie Palazzolo, The Arc Board Member

Lori Reed, The Arc Board Member

Kristin Knirk, DVM, Owner of Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

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There are many ways to help! 

- Spread the word to all the dog lovers in your life!

- Buy Beyond Bones dog treats when they become available.

- Visit our Amazon Wish List to purchase items needed for our new business.

- Give a donation to support our business growing efforts. 

- Volunteer your time helping our bakers create our Beyond Bones dog treats.

We are dreaming BIG!  If you want to know more about our initiative and how you could support our efforts in BIG ways (like kitchen space of our own, appliances or retail space) we would love to talk to you!  Reach out by phone, email or through our website.