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We host a variety of trainings from year to year in collaboration with community agencies/organizations. These exchanges include:


  • Curricula for inclusion of children with disabilities.


  • Training parents to advocate for their children with disabilities and/or become advocates for others.


  • Mentoring and support for new parents of children with disabilities.


  • Estate planning for a child's future upon the death of his/her parents.


  • Navigating social service systems.


Recent Trainings:












Previous Trainings:

Contingency Learning Plans Webinar Part 1 - Nov. 2020 - Click here to watch

Contingency Learning Plans Webinar Part 2 - Dec. 2020 - Click here to watch

CLICK HERE to download slides from Part 2 to access the hyperlinks referenced during the training.

Behavior as Communication and IEP Basics Resource Links 

Meaningful Participation & IEP Basics - Feb. 1, 2022

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