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An Independent Facilitator is an individual who facilitates the Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process in collaboration with the individual requesting the PCP. In Michigan, individuals receiving support through the Community Mental Health Service Provider (CMHSP) have a right to choose an independent or external facilitator for their PCP. There is no cost to the individual to use this service. The Lakeshore Regional Entity (LRE) has a pool of regional independent facilitators to choose from. Facilitators are trained in the Person Centered Planning (PCP) process and are knowledgeable on how meetings are to be run. They are also trained in confidentiality issues and are under the same Mental Health Code as LRE.

What does an Independent Facilitator do?


  • Helps you lead your person- centered plan

  • Believes in you

  • Helps put your dreams into actions

  • Assists you in arranging your meeting (who to invite, where and when)

  • Makes sure you are heard and understood

  • Builds your plan your way

  • Develops your person-centered plan with you and others who care about you


Why should you use an Independent Facilitator?


  • You want your needs and desires put forward by someone who doesn’t decide what will be paid for

  • You are concerned that your plan will not become action

  • Your plan needs a fresh approach

  • You need some changes in your life

  • You want control of planning your life

How do I get a Facilitator? 

At the beginning of your pre-planning meeting, your Supports Coordinator will ask you if you want to have an Independent Facilitator. If so, you will then have the opportunity to choose which person you would like to have. 

To learn more or inquire about using an Independent Facilitator visit the "Find A Provider" section of the Lakeshore Regional Entity's website.

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